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  • The platform's user-friendly interface enables users to easily navigate, sign up, and successfully complete courses, resulting in a significant increase in our completion rates compared to the previous system we used.

    Daniel Richardson Supported Accommodation Manager
  • The platform is extremely intuitive and easy to use, with a gentle learning curve. Additionally, the user experience is exceptionally friendly. Our team found great pleasure in utilising the platform for learning purposes.

    Colin Rickson Relationship Manager
  • My favourite thing about the Training Hub is the fact that my ideas, suggestions, and requirements are actively listened to. Any problems are efficiently dealt with, and everyone displays kindness and understanding.

    Bruce Robertson Support Manager
  • From a technical perspective, the platform has demonstrated exceptional stability and requires minimal maintenance.

    Anthony Robinson Supported Accommodation Manager
  • Our team now has the flexibility to undergo training at their convenience, allowing them to dedicate their full energy and attention without any distractions from other responsibilities. With an abundance of training opportunities, we can effectively equip our employees with the necessary skills for both present and future needs.

    David Robinson Support Manager
  • Our company has stringent policies regarding the use of third-party software, making it challenging to find a single service that meets all our requirements. However, The Training Hub successfully fulfills all our needs, making it an ideal solution for us.

    Pauline Rowland Supported Accommodation Manager
  • All of the courses are extremley easy to navigate, and can be sorted in a multitude of ways, this has been a key benefit to the staff.

    Peter Rowntree Experienced Social Worker
  • Despite the staff's weak internet connections, this service proved to be exceptional as they managed to successfully finish the required courses using a 3G connection.

    Nigel Rumsey Relationship Manager
  • We found an exceptional training platform that not only fulfilled all our requirements, but also proved to be user-friendly and reasonably priced. A++.

    Janet Rutherford Supported Accommodation Manager
  • The training proved to be highly valuable for my team, resulting in a significant improvement in our understanding of the Leaving Care process.

    David Scattergood Support Manager
  • Health and Safety measures have provided me with valuable insights on preventing hazardous incidents and the importance of complying with safety regulations.

    David Paton Leaving Care Support Worker
  • The training provided valuable insights and practical knowledge, empowering me to effectively recognise and combat modern slavery.

    Jeremy Pearson Social Worker Leaving Care Team
  • This course is highly recommended for beginners in this role as it is both useful and helpful in understanding Food Safety & Hygiene. It provides a better understanding and is recommended for all. Thank you.

    Gary Phibbs Personal Support Assistant
  • The course is designed to be concise and divided into small, digestible portions of information, allowing learners to easily grasp and acquire knowledge on Fire Safety and Fire Actions in the presence of potential Fire Hazards.

    Rebecca Pratten Care Support Worker
  • Participating in the online training on Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion provided me with a valuable opportunity to enhance my knowledge and perspective on fostering an inclusive and diverse work environment. The training encompassed various subjects such as unconscious bias, discrimination, harassment, and the advantages of workplace diversity. It emphasised the influence of our biases and stereotypes on our decision-making and interactions with colleagues.

    Jane Prosser Leaving Care Worker
  • The Health and Safety courses offered by The Training Hub contribute to the development of my knowledge regarding safe working practices, minimising workplace risks, and establishing a safer and compliant work environment for me.

    Nancy Rawlinson Experienced Social Worker
  • I found the session to be extremely informative, and it will undoubtedly support me in conducting assessments effectively.

    Alan Reeve Support Manager
  • The GDPR course provided a valuable introduction, presenting training in a real-life scenario that made it more relatable and understandable.

    Peter Rhodes Personal Advisor Leaving Care
  • Thanks to The Training Hub I have gained a better understanding of the diverse range of characteristics associated with autism and autistic traits.

    Katheryn Rice Care Support Worker
  • The training we recieved was both clear and informative, it was very easy to download the handbook as well which we will keep for future reference.

    Andrew Richards Personal Support Assistant

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